Washrack Mat

The Washrack mats provide anti-fatigue cushioning with increased slip-resistance and enhanced drainage. The mat is made of a styrene butadiene rubber.


Perforated and interlocking, these Washrack mats provide anti-fatigue cushioning, as well as offering less chances to slip on it and better drainage for easier clean up.

Perforated Surface:

The Washrack mat has been designed with perforated holes for easy cleanup. These holes help reduce water retention, hence causing  any excess water on the mat to drain off easier. Finally, the interlocking feature of this mat causes it to hold position


The Washrack mats were made with anti-fatigue cushioning, as well as increasing slip-resistance and enhanced drainage. This anti-fatigue feature adds more cushion and comfort on the customer’s lower body when standing and working the long hours required for any home, garage, workshop or outdoor project. 

Easy to Install: 

The Washrack rubber mat uses interlocking format style making it an easy install. This format is made for minimal downtime between install, cleaning, maintenance and practical use. 

Mat Specifications and Formats:

The construction material is styrene butadiene rubber. The thickness is 1/2 inches with a perforated surface texture. The size is 3′ x 3′ with a weight of 14 pounds. The pallet quantity is 90.

The formats are interlocking or straight edge.



The complete solution for our customers needs in their workshop or garage. When working long hours on any project the rubber cushion of the Washrack mat is comforting for our customers.


The Washrack mat is built to withstand the wear, tear, pressure and damage incurred by our customers heavy duty work areas.


While offering traction and an easy to clean surface, the Washrack mat is non-absorbent to most liquids and accidental spills that might happen in a workshop or garage environment.

Slip-Resistant Surface:

The Washrack mat was crafted with care for our customer’s safety in mind. A slip-resistant surface helps prevent accidental injuries that can occur in a home/work space area. 

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Cleaning and Maintenance

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