Rolled Rubber

Ultimate RB’s rolled rubber is manufactured via a process called “skiving”. In the first stage of this process the ingredients, including tire crumb, are molded into a large cylindrical form. Then this cylinder is skived (i.e. peeled) into rolls of various dimensions on a very precise, computer controlled cutting system. By changing the quantity and variety of materials used in molding the cylinders we can create rolls with different appearances and physical characteristics.


Popular in health and fitness clubs, weight rooms and ice rinks, Ultimate Rolled Rubber Flooring is a champion in a wide variety of applications. Our rolled rubber offers superior durability and is suitable for indoor applications that require resilience, sound absorption, spike resistance and traction.

Environmentally Friendly:

Ultimate Rolled Rubber features a dense rubber construction that provides excellent, high impact durability and superior slip resistance in wet or dry conditions. The product also combines anti-fatigue and ergonomic comfort properties with very low maintenance. Containing up to 93% recycled rubber, Ultimate Rolled Rubber is widely regarded as the premiere “green” resilient flooring choice. This environmentally friendly flooring is low maintenance and made in the USA.


Ultimate Rolled Rubber recycled rubber flooring is ideal for your high-wear and high-impact spaces that require maximum subfloor protection. Commercial, Industrial, Main Street, and Residential spaces can benefit from durable rubber flooring. Manufactured with up to 93% post-consumer recycled rubber content with small percentages of colored EPDM, Ultimate Rolled Rubber stands up to high-activity and foot traffic while providing high impact durability, comfort underfoot and slip resistance in wet or dry conditions.

Color Customization:

In addition to black, our inventory of standard products includes Low-EPDM content rolls in Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Blue/Gray, Cocoa/Eggshell, and Yellow, with a color concentration of 17%. We also offer highly colored EPDM-dense flooring material that can be cut to your specifications for quick turnaround. Ultimate RB maintains a substantial inventory of many standard rolled rubber products in thicknesses including 8 MM and 9.5 MM. These standard rolls are 4′ x 25′ and 4′ x 50′.


Custom Sizing & Superior Comfort:

Ultimate RB’s unique manufacturing processes allow for custom sizing options that no competitor can offer. Recycled rubber offers cushioned comfort that is unmatched by any other surfacing material. All Ultimate RB products are proudly made in the United States of America.


All products are made from 100% recycled rubber and a specially engineered polymer binder. Because of the high level of recycled material in our formulation, these products meet and exceed the requirements set forth in the U.S. Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government and can be a contributing factor towards LEED Green Building Council certification.

Manufactured for Durability:

Custom-formulated, high strength polyurethane binders, similar to those used in synthetic running tracks, are used in the construction of Ultimate RB products. When they are combined with recycled tire crumb in our unique manufacturing processes, an extremely durable material is produced.

Minimal Odor:

Ultimate RB’s unique manufacturing processes virtually eliminate the strong sulfur odor (rotten egg smell) prevalent in virtually all competing products. Our products are made from recycled rubber, but they don’t smell like they are.

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