TruCourt is a multipurpose sport floor that is specially designed for ball court and athletic areas that has good performance in properties such as force reduction, friction, and ball rebound.


TruCOURT surfaces have been designed, engineered and manufactured for indoor and outdoor game courts and running tracks.

Upper Layer:

The uniform grain texture finish is made from a vulcanized rubber surface. The TruCourt floor is easy to maintain and has excellent abrasion resistance.

Bottom Layer: 

The TruCourt vulcanized rubber bottom layer, also has a flexible support structure.


The construction material has full vulcanized rubber layers. The thickness comes in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13mm, equally with a surface texture that features a smooth and marble finish. The roll width is 3′ to 4’7″, while the roll length is 26′ ~ 50′. It also has 8 custom colors to choose from to fit our customers’ needs.

Color Options

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TruCourt Single Brochure

TruCourt Reference List

TruCourt Storage and Maintenance (Indoor)

TruCourt Storage and Maintenance (Outdoor)