The product is a multipurpose sport floor with Marbling finish surface that is specially designed for indoor ball court areas, and its vulcanized rubber surface gives all players a durable and comfortable sports environment.


TeamPlay-M is a multipurpose game court surface, designed, engineered and manufactured for indoor gymnasiums and multipurpose game courts.

Upper Layer:

The TeamPlay-M has a smooth, marbling like finish surface, and it’s comprised of vulcanized rubber. The top layer is easy to maintain and has an excellent abrasion resistance.

Bottom Layer: 

The vulcanized rubber bottom layer, also has a flexible support structure.


The construction material has full vulcanized rubber layers. The thickness comes in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm with a surface texture that features a smooth and marble finish. The roll width is 3.28′ to 4′, while the roll length is 20′ ~ 50′. It also has 10 colors to choose from to customize to your need.

Color Options

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