Tailored for light strength and conditioning, Motivate is a 7.5mm vulcanized composition rubber surface that uses patented itsTRU™ technology to fusion bond a 2.5mm wear layer with a 5mm base layer. The result: a balanced distribution of force reduction and energy restitution, designed for the shift in fitness from equipment to more functional training.


From the weight room to the recovery room, Ecore empowers human performance with safe, quiet and ergonomic flooring. The Performance family of products (Motivate, Rally, Beast, Monster) is tailored for strength and conditioning.

Resilient Flooring:

Performance rubber is the premium choice among resilient flooring options, which also include PVC (polyvinyl chlorate) and polyurethane. It’s hard to beat the resiliency, durability, slip-resistance and moisture-resistance of rubber, making it the flooring of choice for weight rooms, locker rooms, aerobic rooms, training areas and multipurpose gyms. Rubber can withstand incredible abuse, be it impacts from dropping free weights or the repetitive concussion of exercise machines.

Sound and shock absorbent:

Acoustic performance of a space is the combination of all the elements in the room, including flooring. Rubber is inherently better at sound absorption and transmission than other types of surfacing. Due to these properties, performance flooring can help contribute to lowering the reverberation time in a variety of room types.

Form & Dimensions:

The Performance Motivate Roll is made from a formulation of high quality post-consumer vulcanized composition rubber granules encapsulated in a wear and water-resistant elastomeric network with a fusion bonded reprocessed ColorMill™ EPDM surface wear layer. The dimensions are 7.5mm (0.30″) x 48″ (1.22m) x 50 LF (15.24m) for this roll.


Health and Safety:

Performance products have earned FloorScore certification. The Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in conjunction with SCS Global Services, which tests and certifies flooring as well as flooring adhesive products, and certifies production facilities for compliance with rigorous indoor air quality emission requirements. Flooring and adhesives that earn FloorScore certification qualify for use in high performance schools and office buildings.


The Performance family of products (Motivate, Rally, Beast, Monster) is tailored for strength and conditioning. These dual durometers systems are engineered to absorb the impact force related to aggressive functional training, providing an ergonomically advanced surface that works in concert with the body.

Performance products use Ecore’s patented itsTRU technology to combine Ecore’s recycled rubber backing with colorful rubber wear layers. The result is a multifunctional high performance floor that is durable and easy to clean. In addition, the overall comfort of recycled rubber flooring provides improved ergonomics, acoustical benefits, and shock absorption, making it ideal for fitness centers, health clubs, schools, and more.


Performance products, which are manufactured by Ecore, are designed to meet the stringent criteria required to help earn points under 2 of the 5 categories of LEED—Materials and Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality. The Materials and Resources category deals with the conservation, purchasing, and waste management of physical products. Indoor Environmental Quality includes the conditions inside a building, such as air quality, lighting, thermal conditions, ergonomics, acoustics, and their effect on occupants.

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