ReAction Elite Sports Floor

Our ReAction Elite System is made up of three layers of rubber that provide resistance against cuts and dents, dissipate shock and stress, and provide energy in return. The ReAction top layer also provides an aesthetic playing surface which can be customized to include logos with a guaranteed Pantone color match (±1 pantone).


ReAction offers all the benefits of a virgin rubber, vulcanized colored floor. Custom cutting and logo design can be an effective way to strengthen brand and create unique coaching tools. ReAction can be used for many conventional uses like basketball, volleyball and weight rooms, but can also be used for many unconventional uses like floor hockey, skateboarding and even pogo sticks!

Durability and Design for High Performance:

ReAction has solid color with marble accent, dual layer, rubber flooring. It’s slip-resistant, textured top wear layer provides a non-porous, safe and resilient floor finish. ReAction is a great fit for weight rooms, ice rinks, fitness centers or home gyms. It also has customization capabilities to fulfill the branding and design requirements for a variety of applications.

Top and Mid Layer ReAction Rolls:

The top wear layer features an attractive and functional top wear layer that provides traction and safety for training activity. While the mid cushion layer is designed to provide stability and structural integrity under impact stress. The construction is comprised of multilayered vulcanized rubber with a roll thickness of 6mm or 3.5mm. The roll width 1.22m (4′), while the roll length 15.24 (50′). Finally the area is 200sq.ft.

Base Layer Rolls:

The base layer has a bottom shock reducing layer which absorbs energy and softens sound transmissions. The construction is comprised of recycled polyurethane rubber with a roll thickness of 8mm, 12mm or 18mm.


High Performance:

ReAction Elite SportFloor has ultimate shock absorption and unparalleled grip and traction. The added cushioning and support helps protects their athletes during their extensive training. Superior quality with long-lasting material that was designed for durability. 

Slip-Resistant Surface:

ReAction Elite SportFloor rubber flooring is made to provide optimal grip and high resistance to wear, even after years of intensive use.

Long lasting:

Reaction Elite repels liquid to minimize clean up and odor with little maintenance. This makes for a cleaner, longer lasting floor that is designed to withstand heavy use in all types of fitness and arena spaces.


ReAction Elite with its easy to maintain, clean, non-porous hygienic surface has a customizable design to meet our client’s needs. It’s available in multiple thickness options with a wide variety of surface and color choices.

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