For years of research and tests, OSSTSPORT creates a new athletic surface Protraxx-Elite. It’s developed with advanced rubber vulcanization technology, along with precision seamless mold design. For every condition from jogging to exercise to professional athletics games, Protraxx-Elite is ready to turn your biggest energy into your greatest performance.


The Protraxx-Elite is I.A.A.F. certified and suitable for all NCAA and International events. It’s uniform texture array surface provides outstanding traction & durability.

Upper Layer:

The Protraxx-Elite uniform texture array is designed for stable friction in any direction at track runs. The 3D valley textures ensure our surface is dry quickly and that they are ready for competitions.

Bottom Layer: 

The bottom layer uses a special bricks pattern design to give more flexibility, stability, and more uniformed energy return.


The surface construction material uses advanced rubber vulcanization technology, but the bottom layer is the new brick pattern design. The thickness comes in 10mm, 12mm, 13.5mm, and the roll width is 3′.2″ to 4′.6″. The roll length is 26′ ~ 50′. It also has 8 colors to choose from to customize to your need.

Color Options

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Protraxx-Elite Single Brochure

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Protraxx-Elite Storage and Maintenance (Indoor)

Protraxx-Elite Storage and Maintenance (Outdoor)