Pro Traxx

This surface is made by vulcanized rubber that is manufactured for superior performance in properties such as force reduction, slip resistance, shock absorption and strength, in order to help athletics attain the highest possible performance standards.


The Pro Traxx is I.A.A.F. certified and suitable for all NCAA and International events. It’s uniform texture array surface provides outstanding traction & durability.

Upper Layer:

The Pro Traxx has a rock granule texture surface. This texture is suitable for athletics activities, as well as high performance in spike resistance.

Bottom Layer: 

The waffle bottom layer gives the stable support for the surface, also it has better performance in shock absorption than other similar products in the market.


The surface construction material has a rock granule texture, but underneath it’s a waffle bottom layer. The thickness comes in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 13.5mm with a surface texture that features rock granule. The roll width is 3′ to 4′.7″, while the roll length is 26′ ~ 50′. It also has 8 colors to choose from to customize to your need.

Color Options

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Pro Traxx Storage and Maintenance (Indoor)

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