Max Mat

Boasting all the benefits of the Classic, with an added dual surface feature: Flat and Buttons. That means it’s your choice to use it buttons up and or buttons down. 100% Recycled Vulcanized Rubber.


Comfort, traction, slip-resistant and non-absorbent are of the utmost importance in the use of our customers home/work environment. The Max mat is engineered to provide the best performance and durability in all of these areas.

Button/Flat Surface:

The button/flat top surface for the Max mat has optimum traction & easy maintenance. 

Dual Surface: 

The rubber material of the Max mat has the same qualities of the Classic mat but with a new dual surface. The buttons can be faced down for better drainage/cushioning, or the buttons can be faced up for maximum traction. 

Easy to Install: 

The Max rubber mat has a few different format styles that are made for a do-it-yourself easy install. Whether using straight edge, interlocking or a custom cut each format is made for minimal downtime between install, cleaning and practical use. 

Mat Specifications and Formats:

The construction material is 100% recycled vulcanized rubber. The thickness is 3/4 inches with a surface texture that features a flat top and flat bottom. The sizes come in  3′ x 4′ or 4′ x 6′, and the weights are either 48 or 94 pounds.

The formats are interlocking, custom cut or straight edge.



The complete solution for our customers needs in their workshop or garage. When working long hours on any project the rubber cushion of the Max mat is comforting for our customers.


The Max mat, with its dual surface nature, increases its durable nature to withstand the wear, tear, pressure and damage incurred by our customers heavy duty work areas.


While offering traction and an easy to clean surface, the Max mat uses it’s dual surface style to help increase the non-absorbency quality of the original Classic mat. For better drainage and resistance to lingering liquids, use buttons face down and flat surface up with the Max mat.

Slip-Resistant Surface:

The Max mat was crafted with care for our customer’s safety in mind. For best traction purposes, use the flat surface of the Max mat face down and button side up. It helps prevent accidental injuries that can occur in a home/work space area. 

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