Inspiration Pro is a competition-level sprung dance flooring solution that provides an unparalleled combination of deformation, performance, safety and comfort. By adding an area-elastic birch plywood sub-system to a point-elastic surface, Inspiration Pro brings dance to another level.


Inspiration Pro is a sprung floor that achieves the pinnacle of dance performance. The floor provides a high level of shock absorption, averaging 74% per ASTM F2569. More importantly, Inspiration Pro has superior uniformity in all key performance properties.

1 – Resilient Point-Elastic Surface:

Inspiration Pro can be used with a variety of Tarkett Sports’ DanceFloor surfaces.

2 – Inspiration Pro 1 Pads:

Inspiration Pro uses Tarkett Sports’ Pro 1 Pads that are round, 1” thick cushion pads. The force Reduction reaches >70%.

3 – Uniform Structural Support:

These 18 mm birch plywood planks provide stability and a uniform structure for resilient dance surfaces. They are made exclusively from birch, one of the most stable species of wood.

4 – Reliable Bonding and Assembly:

Each birch plywood plank incorporates an offset, interlocking tongue-and-groove edge that is glued using Tarkett’s specifically designed application nozzle. This allows fast and reliable installation.


The Perfect Combination:

Inspiration Pro combines point-elastic surface properties with an area-elastic substructure. This gives dancers significantly more comfort thanks to great vertical deformation and cushioning. By engaging both types of elasticity, Inspiration Pro responds to impact both locally and across the wider surface area. As a result of this dual response, it is widely regarded as one of the dance floors for comfort, safety, and dance performance.

Extreme Durability, Comfort and Performance:

The 18 mm plywood planks are made exclusively from birch, an extremely stable species of wood that provides a uniform structure for resilient dance surfaces. It comes with very high levels of shock absorption and more uniformity and is one of the best solutions for reducing fatigue and increasing comfort.

Superior Dance Performance:

Inspiration Pro is a high performance dance floor specifically designed for the stage and studio needs of professionals. The floor does not have the polyurethane coating that is common to sports surfaces, which provides a surface with extra grip. It also generates a measure of shock absorption through a foam backing that reduces strain.

Phthalate-Free Manufacturing:

Inspiration Pro is manufactured with phthalate-free technology. The components used to produce Inspiration contains no REACH-restricted chemicals, no formaldehyde, and is free of heavy metals.

Easy Maintenance:

The embossed surface of Inspiration Pro is designed to provide texture without creating areas that trap dirt, reducing the need for cleaning and saving maintenance costs.

Health and the Environment:

Inspiration Pro embodies Tarkett’s four categories of sustainability, providing not only superior sports performance, but stewardship of the environment and care for individual health. Inspiration Pro uses renewable resources, incorporates natural materials and contains no formaldehyde.

Color Options

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Installation Options

Foam Underlayment Options:

Inspiration Pro uses Tarkett Sports’ Pro 1 Pads that are round, 1” thick cushion pads. The force Reduction reaches >70%.

Warranty Protection:

10-year wear layer and product defect coverage. Refer to sample warranty document for complete coverage.