The Dollamur FLEXI-Roll® mat is the ultimate, American Made wrestling mat. Dollamur wrestling mats are manufactured with high-performance, protective proprietary athletic foam technology. The closed-cell, cross-linked foam provides maximum shock absorption and will never harden allowing mats to maintain performance throughout their life.


For maximum shock absorption and stability, you can rely on Dollamur mats for performance and durability. Easy to clean and maintain, Dollamur mats are pre-treated with a biocide for added protection.

Unmatched Quality:

Made with a tough, vinyl surface, backed with non-woven polyester for max strength and comfort. The advanced technique used to bond the vinyl to the foam means the surface will never require reconditioning and will last.

Closed-cell, cross-linked foam makes the mat lightweight. This high-quality athletic foam is resilient and will not harden or break down with repeated use allowing mats to maintain performance throughout their life.

Premium Vinyl for Max Performance:

Dollamur vinyl is available in a wide variety of colors to represent your team, school or club. Vinyl is pre-treated with an anti-mircrobial to resist bacteria.

To help maintain a healthy mat, use Dollamur Mat Attack! Athletic Surface Cleaner to protect athletes. Visit our STORE for more information on Mat Attack! and our NEWS and VIDEOS for information on cleaning.


Dollamur Digital and Art Team:

Customize your mat with your logo and lettering in any PMS color. The Dollamur Art Team will reproduce your logo by hand or with Dollamur Digital printing. Dollamur Digital is the most advanced direct to surface printing technology on the market. Dollamur proprietary ink dries instantly and can endure the most demanding workouts.

Antimicrobial vs. Biocide:

Dollamur made several recent technological advances in our mats, starting with the production of the vinyl mat surface. In recent years there has been a key initiative in the healthcare industry to move away from the use of anti-microbials and replace these with a biocidal additive. Dollamur infuses a biocidal additive which is registered with the EPA under FIFRA in the production of the vinyl mat surface. Rather than focusing only on treating surface microbes, biocides protect Dollamur sports mats by eliminating potential microorganisms within the vinyl surface itself. For more information on Antimicrobial vs. Biocide see article NEWS/Anti-Microbial vs. Biocide

Color Options

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Dollamur offers standard and custom mat sizes for training and competition. Mats are constructed with closed-cell, cross-linked athletic foam available in 1 5/8″ or 2″ thickness.

Standard mat sizes available:

42′ x 42′  42′ x 40′  42′ x 38′  36′ x 36′  30′ x 30′  24′ x 24′  18′ x 18′

CUSTOM CONFIGURATIONS and sizes are available. Minimum length for custom ordering is 36′ linear feet configuration.


5-Year Limited Warranty and Customer Service

Flexi-Roll Vinyl Setup and Care Manual

Flexi-Roll & Flexi-Connect Vinyl Setup and Care Manual