Bounce Back Playground Tiles

Ultimate RB manufactures a full line of playground safety surfacing materials for fall heights up to 10 feet. This product line includes IPEMA certified tiles as well as materials for poured-in-place playgrounds and running tracks.


No other playground surfacing material offers the degree of safety assurance that rubber tiles can provide. Ultimate RB Bounce Back Playground Tiles are shock absorbing, resilient, rubber tiles that provide long-term answers to playground safety and features ADA accessibility.

Safety Certified:

Bounce Back Tiles are designed to meet federally mandated Critical Fall Height requirements for playground equipment up to 10 feet tall. Select tiles have been certified to comply with these requirements by IPEMA through TUV/SUD, a third party independent testing/certification laboratory. Additionally, Ultimate RB conducts regular, in house Critical Fall Height testing on our own certified test equipment as part of our Quality Control plan.

Environmentally Friendly:

Wood and rubber mulch products are easily displaced, resulting in inadequate thickness/protection in large areas of the playground. They also present an undesirable and dangerous opportunity for children to swallow, throw or kick the material. Poured-in-Place products can only be installed in specific weather conditions which limits the window for installation. Ultimate RB’s factory-produced tiles eliminate these problems and offer the assurance of safe surfacing for children’s play areas.

Ease of Install:

Ultimate RB Bounce Back Tiles interlock using a male and female overlapping tab design and are secured in place using adhesive applied to tile edges, interlocking tabs, and tile sub-surface. The Bounce Back interlocking system is designed to aid in the alignment of the tiles and to create a fully unified safety surface. While installation can be completed using only adhesive applied to tile edges, a full spread sub-surface adhesive installation is strongly recommended.


Custom Sizing & Superior Comfort:

Ultimate RB’s unique manufacturing processes allow for custom sizing options that no competitor can offer. Recycled rubber offers cushioned comfort that is unmatched by any other surfacing material. All Ultimate RB products are proudly made in the United States of America.


All products are made from 100% recycled rubber and a specially engineered polymer binder. Because of the high level of recycled material in our formulation, these products meet and exceed the requirements set forth in the U.S. Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government and can be a contributing factor towards LEED Green Building Council certification.

Manufactured for Durability:

Custom-formulated, high strength polyurethane binders, similar to those used in synthetic running tracks, are used in the construction of Ultimate RB products. When they are combined with recycled tire crumb in our unique manufacturing processes, an extremely durable material is produced.

Minimal Odor:

Ultimate RB’s unique manufacturing processes virtually eliminate the strong sulfur odor (rotten egg smell) prevalent in virtually all competing products. Our products are made from recycled rubber, but they don’t smell like they are.

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